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Our customers have been delighted to learn they can continue to dictate and let the transcription service (us) deliver the clinical notes directly into their electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) system.   Your form of dictation does not have to change and we ensure that your current documentation can be created in a format readily available for import into your EMR/EHR product.

Transcription is an integral part of medical records keeping and whether your practice has an EMR/EHR, is looking for an EMR/EHR, or is just looking to find ways to be better prepared for what may come when the possibility of levering the two relationships is at hand.  Each practice will choose the correct balance of EMR/EHR and transcription to ensure their individual needs are met; but, these needs are immensely varied, so the solutions must also vary in order to be effective.  Therefore, we offer different platforms to blend the two technologies ensuring that a practice is efficient, effective and profitable. 

Interfacing with your existing EMR/EHR is free of charge to you.   Your choice is for a transcriptionist to type directly into your EMR/EHR, platform with your software access, Health Level Seven International (HL7) or partial dictation.   The options are wide open and are based upon what fits your needs. 

Physicians also can use a traditional telephone or mobile device for their dictation.  In those cases, information is automatically routed to the EMR/EHR, at which point a medical transcriptionist will transcribe the information via a text platform or directly into the electronic record. Data transfer via the agreed upon platform now becomes a seamless process.

In similar models, such as physicians who dictate all reports and do not use any templates or drop-down menus within the EMR/EHR their data is extracted from transcribed text and are automatically populated into the appropriate sections of your EMR/EHR.